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Ingredients | Product Spotlight

Olive oil is a popular carrier oil renowned for its health benefits and commonly used in the culinary world. But did you know that its myriad benefits also extend to topical application in skincare products? Read on for a breakdown of organic olive oil’s many benefits and uses, and to decide whether it’s right for […]

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Aloe vera is an ancient plant we’ve been using in beauty for millennia. Learn more about the rich and intriguing history of aloe and its miracle gel here.

Business Tips

White labeling is a unique process that simplifies business and encourages tremendous growth potential. Learn about the benefits it offers in this guide.

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Although many people use conditioner, there are a few common mistakes they make that you should avoid so that you can get the most out of your product.

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Want to give your skin a glow-up? Coffee butter scrubs can benefit your skin’s health and appearance in a variety of ways. Here are some of their top perks.

Beauty, Health & Fitness

If you’re experiencing mental fatigue, you can wash it away with a bath. Discover a few crucial mental health benefits of taking a relaxing bath.

Business Tips

Marketing and selling a product isn’t easy, which is very true for lip balm. To help you find success, here are 5 tips for growing your lip balm business.


Whether you’re starting a skincare line or want to save money by making your own, read on to learn a few tips on how to craft the perfect body lotion.

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Learning how to layer your skincare products in the right order can help you increase their efficacy and ensure you safely combine active ingredients.


At Essential, our lab team is one of our most essential assets. Whether you are buying stock products or working with our lab to make a brand new custom product you can count on our innovative team to create a natural, science-backed finished product that your customers will love. Read on to meet our lab […]

Natural Hair & Skincare

Vitamin C is a skincare enigma. Most people have heard of it but may not know how to use it or why. Read on to learn everything you need to know about vitamin C.

Essential Info

Powder face masks are a great addition to any skincare routine and give your skin lots of nutrients. But what makes them so great, and how do you use them?